Saturday, 18 April 2015


After my Snowdon fail Ruth suggested we do it as a family (Snowdon at least), the kids weren't too happy with the suggestion. I'm unsure if/how I can do any of the Peaks by bike this year now because scheduling may make it difficult.

I received an email from Simon Rice (aka SpanishBiker) wanting to confirm for HISS. Ruth thinks I should do HISS and do 3 Peaks another time or by car maybe. I'm not sure we can afford the time or expense. 

The thought of HISS gives me "butterflies", that slight uneasy feeling in your stomach, but it's not an adventure without butterflies, right?

I need to confirm I can get the time off work and it doesn't clash with anything else. Ruth wants to get the time off too so she's around for the girls.

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