Thursday, 26 March 2015

Adventure 2-for-1

I've been playing with the Zumo 590 for a fair few hours now but I've still not ridden with it. I'm getting to grips with Garmin's Basecamp to the point that I've tweaked the planned route to change directions in a few places and take me down some trails.
Two things are making me nervous; trusting the weekend to a SatNav that is unproven (to me) but more than that is the concern of tackling the potentially steep rocky trails on a big bike, on my own, fully loaded. I've done a fair bit in mud and sand but in the flats of East Anglia. Rocks hurt and break things. And I can't carry my bike up or down big rock steps...

But that's adventure, right?

The hike up Snowdon doesn't seem to be much of a concern. We'll see. 

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